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Today I came across this TED talk from Hans Rosling titled “The Best stats you’ve ever seen” and wasn’t too excited by it until he mentioned that you can use this tool!  Rosling’s website Gapminder lets you manipulate data and explore different relationships.  It even includes a way to track changes in time which lets you see changes.  Its super exciting to me!

Instantly I thought about how I could use this in class – find a relationship that interests you and then try and explain it.  Guess what – someone already did that! I see potential for an end of year project like theirs because our students have not been taught these social science researching skills and that is what I did in college.  Of course this all depends on what I teach…..


A relationship I found that I'd love to investigate between incomes and HS graduation rates in US states.

 Average Salary V. Graduation percentage in US states. I’d love to investigate further.