Math in the Mountains: Twitter, Teaching & Growth – Session Resources

Hey y’all:
Below are links to information I talked about in the session Twitter, Teaching & Growth: The Math-Twitter-Blog-O-Sphere at the Math in the Mountains Conference in Flagstaff on May 6, 2017. If you’d like a copy of the slides let me know and I can post that as well. Easiest way to contact me with questions, shout-outs or ways to improve is on twitter (@JakeWinfield)

An Intro into the MTBoS:

ExploreMTBOS: Missions & Blog prompts to become acquainted with the MTBoS
Twitter Math Camp: The home page for the best math PD on the planet, Twitter Math Camp
Global Math Department: A group of teachers who meet weekly online to attend PD together and learn from one another

My favorite MTBoS Resources:

Estimation 180: Pictures of various estimations to build number sense.
Which one doesn’t belong: Groups of four images and students answer the seemingly simple question: Which one does not belong?
The MTBoS Search Engine: A quick way to dig in and find resources or ideas from the entire math blog’osphere.
Table Talk Math: A book about discussing math with your little ones that I mentioned in our session today.
3 Act Math: Spreadsheet of 3 act math lessons (Background & “facilitation guide” here)
Desmos: The online graphing calculator (Teacher site with activities)
Visual Patterns: Oodles of beautiful patterns for students to dive into and explore. (We didn’t talk about this in our session today)

Dive in, enjoy and everyone will be glad to help you out if you have questions. Just reach out with #MTBoS on twitter  🙂