What’s Next?

Today, as usual on a Sunday, I went to a coffee shop to do work and plan for the week ahead. Three hours later and I have 0 out of 15 lessons planned for this week.
Instead, I’ve been reading about the president’s most recent actions to create a ban on Muslims entering the USA. I decided that I will not go down on the wrong side of history and I must act – it is what is right. Instead of planning lessons, I’ve reached out to volunteer my time to support undocumented youth with a local organization, like some of those I’ll teach tomorrow morning. I have made a list of talking points to talk to my Senator tomorrow morning and will challenge him to do more. (Want to make a call? Here’s a list of contact information). If that call goes into class time, so be it – I will be heard. My students will then clearly know where I stand, if they didn’t already. 
I teach more than math. I work so that every child can have an excellent education and future in the USA. Everyone is welcome in my classroom, regardless of gender, race, religion or immigration status. There is no hate allowed though, only love for each other. If only the people in the Oval Office had the same philosophy…

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