Semester 1 Prep: Warm-up Routines

Last year, I read about Elissa Miller’s Warm-ups that she used for the year. I implemented it in one class and it was great. It was one less thing for me to think about each week and incorporated the best of #MTBoS. I did make one change – using visual patterns instead of 101q’s. One thing that didn’t suit me was one power point – school computers/internet aren’t the quickest thing and I only use google docs so there were some days it took an eon to open. I used another teacher’s Do Now’s for Calculus and PreCalculus in the spring  – and it was amazing not to have to think about the first five minutes of class. I plan on having everything ready for weeks at a time for all my preps this year. Then, during the year I can focus on content lessons instead of compiling these. Mass production ftw!

I’ve extended on this idea and made it work for me. They are less pretty than Elissa’s but my class needed more screen space to see the problems. I’ve made weekly powerpoints, instead of a year long to adjust for google doc loading time. I’ve also made some other routines. Below are all the resources, and sources.

Algebra 1:
Do Now’s:
Monday: Mental math (Source: Grade 8)
Tuesday: Estimation 180
Wednesday: Equation Puzzles
Thursday: Visual Patterns
Friday: WODB
This folder has the first 20 weeks, which should be enough for the fall semester.

Math Foundations: These students have two math classes, possibly with me. Last year I didn’t have a set routine so there was a lot of last minute searching on the internet.
Do Nows:
Monday: Would you Rather Math? Later, we’ll move to Fawn’s Math Talks
Tuesday: Equations
Wednesday: WODB
Thursday: Mental Math (Source, Grade 7)
Friday: Estimation 180 (2 per Friday, by theme)

We’ll also be doing Number talks every day in this class. I couldn’t find a powerpoint for a daily number talk or number string series so I’m making my own. These take a little more time so I’m not as far ahead. I’m also not an expert on number talks so if there are better problems or huge sequencing problems give me a shout. (I was convinced by this post by Sara VanDerWerf). I don’t have time/access right now for the books Sara recommends where there might be problem sets so I’ll just follow her sequencing ideas).
Number Talks:
ImagesSource (I intentionally chose exclusively images instead of dots)
Subtraction & Addition Number Strings (sorted right now by possible strategy used) I tried to cite these as best I could, but pretty sure I missed some. Sorry internet :/

Current plan: Next we’ll do multiplication to add to our repertoire. Then mixed integers. After a while, then add in decimals. Then  fractions. After multiplication/division we’ll probably interleave different kinds (I’m in the middle of Make it Stick so more to come on that)

For upper level math, I want students to be doing ACT prep all year since they may not get prep outside of my class. It took me some serious internet digging to find Sarah Carter’s post on prACTice. I’ve split it into weekly worksheets that I can print and give to students weekly. I wanted more than 3 problems a day….but with 3 problems I can keep the total time to 5 minutes each day.

Here’s my folder with the first 20 weeks.

I didn’t create my Calculus warm ups so they aren’t mine to share, but I’m way ahead of last year. First five minutes of every class planned for at least the first quarter!  #BOOM


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