WODB: Superheros

Last year, when I taught Algebra 1, I used Which One Doesn’t Belong once a week. It had a ton of potential and students frequently surprised me with their insights and ideas. However, I didn’t have students norm or practice with a low stakes and low math WODB to learn the routine. I made this one today with a much lower bar of entry to find multiple reasons and to find a reason why each doesn’t belong. This way, I can teach students the routine and that they should be finding a reason why each does not belong instead of finding one reason and “being done”. Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 1.39.18 PM.png

I’ll be using this during the first week of school in my Algebra 1 course to help set the expectation for every time we do a WODB and build culture. This is my time creating a WODB, so if you have feedback I’d appreciate it 🙂

(All images are labeled for reuse, and sources can be found in this PPT)


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