Summer ’16

This summer I’m not moving across the country and I know what I’m teaching – which is a first! I’ve been out of school for two weeks and have just 3 weeks before I go on vacation. Time to get busy.

Things to do this summer for next year before my road trip in the west:

  1. Re-organize AP Calculus and create standards to implement SBG next year.
  2. Flip my Calculus class and make lessons for the first two weeks [at least] (I’ve decided to use showme for now because it lets me upload files for free, lets me prep lessons and record later and I can upload links to a course website. I’d prefer if it uploaded to youtube straight away, but I think this will be okay – I won’t know until I get some student input. I originally was going to use an ELMO, but I spent too many hours and not making any progress.).
  3. Create a course outline, units and standards for Statistics, and as many quizzes/exams as possible. This is a new course for us and I’ve found enough resources to build out a course, but it’ll be a bulk of my work this summer.
  4. READ. I’m in the middle of 3 different education books. I want to finish a couple of those up, in addition to my leisure reading, before I move apartments (I read 500 pages in 3 days this week….while also doing a summer program)

All this, and more (syllabus? First days of school?), in less than 20 days. Then, who knows how much I’ll be able to do on the road.


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