Two days out…

Two days from now is the AP Calculus Exam. My school offered the course for the first time this year, for our first class of seniors. Almost all of our seniors were enrolled, regardless of readiness which has not been best for our students. We’re adjusting for next year though by adding another senior level course.

Looking this year, of our 24 kiddos, 5 are sitting for the exam. I picked up the course in January so students have had a piecemeal experience in terms of curriculum and class culture. We’ve been going slow because of our a big skill difference and filling in holes from the fall (related rates was the last thing we covered…..a week ago). When students aren’t taking AP Exams this week, we’re working together through the 2008 Exam.  I know it isn’t the best review strategy ever, but I’m hoping that individual attention over these 3 days will help students feel more confident and brush up on skills.

I’m hoping for 2 or 3 passing scores, so between 40 and 60% of test takers. Heck I’d wager we have a good shot earning one or two of our schools first fives depending upon how the test shakes out. While I’m excited for students with a great chance of passing, I’m also intrigued by information from the other students taking the test – they represent a decent sample of what the “average” student in my class is capable of doing right now so I hope I can gain insights into improving the course for the average student.

Next year with a more targeted enrollment and kicking butt in the fall instead of January we’ll be in a better place. And a curriculum with a rearrangement of topics….and one teacher for the entire year…and an actual review strategy….

I’ve obviously got my work cut out for me to prepare Calculus for 16-17, but I’ll be looping up with some of my PreCalculus kids and can have a solid plan from day 1.


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