Monthly Archives: August 2015

A Love Affair with PCA High School

Last week was my first week at my new school with students and simply put, I’m in love.

I love our network’s emphasis on community and how essential that is to our success. I love that we are intentional about building leaders for the future of South Phoenix. I love our HR director who works tirelessly to fill our last minute staffing vacancies and has had success – even when Arizona faces a thousand vacancies this year. I love every class I teach – Algebra 1 has always been my favorite course. I love my understanding and incredibly knowledgable Principal – she’s a fountain of knowledge always willing to share. I love that our Assistant Principal is the King of Culture and is always excited by ways to improve our building’s culture. I love our secretary because she’s always three steps ahead and willing to do anything for teachers. I love am trusted and have flexibility to ensure that students are successful. I love that standardized testing has only been mentioned in passing in my first month on the job. I love my students – they are kind, respectful, and passionate. I love having a small campus with just two teachers per content area because school feels intimate – like a family. I love my funny, inspirational and passionate colleagues. I love that we have one giant work room so I can see those awesome teachers every day. I love that each teacher has a small group of students we see daily in a non-academic setting (I have 8 freshmen boys in my Advisory, and am thrilled at the opportunity to support through the most important year in their education). I love the fact that now that I’m in year four of teaching I have a clear picture of what my classroom will be, how to make it happen and having the skills to do anything I want with my kiddos.

The list goes on and on. And let’s be honest, it probably will throughout the rest of the year.

I’ve finally found my “teacher person” and more importantly, I’ve found a home where he belongs.