Deriving Laws: Sine/Cosine

After our NCTM illuminations lab for the law of sines, we worked on practicing these. We spent one day solving for side lengths, the next reviewing finding angles. Then students somehow thought these were different procedures….I’m not sure how I could have made that clearer but having this entire course better mapped out & concise is probably the main cause.

Since the Illuminations inquiry lab went well for the law of Sines, I decided to try the lab for cosines. It didn’t work so well – it involved a lot more of me walking them through finding the law of cosines instead of them being able to find it on their own. I ditched it after one period and just gave a formula. While it isn’t the proudest moment, I’m definitely proud that all my students could use it correctly. We’re wrapping up this all tomorrow – then its on to other things 😀


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